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Portland Head Lighthouse
Portland Head Lighthouse, Maine*

What is LITE?

LITE Publishing, aka Tony Smith Enterprises, is a publishing company which specializes in producing and publishing positive, uplifting books and eBooks. It also produces and publishes various types of nonfiction publications (such as self-help and investigative books), as well as Christian books.

The mission of LITE is to present and reveal truth in written form through books and eBooks, with the primary emphasis being the publication of materials that declare and reinforce positive values. The vision of LITE is to see men and women receive the truth in a manner that enlightens them and sets them free (spiritually, mentally, physically, financially, etc.).

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Self-Publishing with an Emphasis on Quality

LITE has adopted a self-publishing model, wherein the author will assume the costs involved in editing and publishing the book. But unlike many self-publishing companies, in which quality control is sometimes lacking, LITE puts an emphasis on quality editing of all book projects.

While LITE is willing to consider a wide variety of book projects, it reserves the right to only accept those that are consistent with the company’s mission and vision.

Once your project is accepted, LITE will ensure that your book is formatted professionally and edited meticulously. EBook conversion is also available at your request. After the production of your book is completed to your satisfaction, LITE will distribute the book through various online resellers. In fact, LITE's distribution partners are connected with the world’s largest distribution channel of book wholesalers and retailers, making our books available to more than 39,000 retailers, libraries, schools, Internet commerce companies, and other channel partners - including Amazon and Barnes & Noble.