Welcome to LITE Publishing!


List of Services

Many services are available when publishing a book through LITE Publishing.  They include the following:

Copyright registration
ISBN (International Standard Book Number) registration
Bar code
LCCN (Library of Congress Control Number) acquisition
Distribution through Ingram for access to bookstores for wholesale and retail sales
Distribution through Amazon and Barnes & Noble
eBook conversion (formatting, etc.)
eBook distribution

Pricing Special - $995 - Includes Paperback and eBook Versions

Depending upon an individual's publishing needs, the cost of publishing a book could typically range anywhere from under $1,000 to more than $2,000.   At LITE Publishing, we can get your book published for $995.  That includes a paperback version, eBook conversion, editing, cover design, copyright registration, and distribution via online retailers.

For more details, you can email me at tsmith@litepublishing.com.  Payment arrangements can be made.  If you are interested, please provide the following information in your email:

Phone number
Type of book desired (paperback, hardcover, eBook)
Type of manuscript (fiction or nonfiction)
Word count
Desired deadline, if any
Description of the book
List of any previous publications (if any)
Desired publication date, if any

Editing Services Available

The importance of good editing cannot be overstated.  Because of that, editing is included with all of LITE’s publishing packages.

Perhaps you don’t need publishing services at this time, but you do need an editor.  Look no further.  LITE can provide editing services, even if you aren’t ready to publish or you intend to do so through a different company.  You can email me at tsmith@litepublishing.com.

In your email, please provide us with the following information, and we will analyze your needs and respond with a quote:

Phone number
Type of manuscript/editing project (fiction or nonfiction)
Word count
Desired deadline, if any
Description of the project, along with any special instructions/requests associated with it